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Since the ascension of King Mohammed VI to the throne, Morocco engaged in significant economic developments through the creation and the strengthening of the infrastructure of the Kingdom mainly highways, ports, and industrial zones. Morocco has also focused on developing the capabilities of its human capital to qualify them for the new heavy industries that started pouring on Morocco, especially the automotive sector, the aviation and aeronautic industry, and the clean energy industry mainly the solar energy and wind energy.

On the other hand, and in order to promote its historical economic sectors, Morocco launched the Green Morocco plan to expand the cultivated areas and its returns, through the introduction of the latest technologies and new agricultural seeds. Morocco has also focused on the tourism sector, which is an important source of hard currency for the kingdom.

With respect to the financial sector, Morocco has established the “Casablanca Financial City” to become a financial hub in Africa and the Mediterranean basin, especially that Morocco has become the investment gateway to Africa. In the meantime, Morocco enhanced its presence in Africa through investments in banking, telecommunications, and real estate.

In order to provide a favorable climate for business, Morocco created one-stop-shops for the establishment of companies, and established Investment Regional Centers for almost every city in Morocco to help investors in all the processes of their business. Moreover, Morocco offers several fiscal and customs advantages to Moroccan and foreign investors.


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