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To become one of the leaders in socially responsible investment companies in Morocco by Developing and promoting businesses in compliance with the Shariaah Law using state-of-the-art technologies, the knowledge, and the experience and expertise of its human capital.

Our internal philosophy is based upon intrinsic core values: Rigor, Commitment, Ethic & Transparency.
These values are considered fundamentals to the sustainability and the consistency of our business and are unconditionally shared by our management and employees.

High rigor is absolutely critical to the success and the sustainability of our business. In a very competitive environment, our investment approach based upon the selection of the right opportunities has the obligation to generate lucrative returns to our shareholders and partners. Consequently, a rigorous selection of partners and management is the key-success factor, as the whole chain value has to share the same level of performance and strengths.

In order to guarantee the best performance to all our partners and shareholders, our business management approach consists of a comprehensive commitment, in order to ensure our management and employees have acquired the necessary skills and competencies, and to guarantee the required transparency and risk controls.
Mozon has also put in place an experienced corporate governance board to make sure the strategy is properly designed and the management operations are truly on the same implementation line.

Ethic and Transparency
These two core values are the essence of mutual business interest.  No compromise can be allowed because our belief is that any relationship or partnership can only lead to both sides’ failures in the absence of any of these two relevant values. Trusting each other while cooperating together with our management or partners is absolutely crucial to ensure a comfortable working environment and large time gain, and therefore to secure our business future



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