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Mozon has acquired an extensive experience in several economic sectors, including but not limited to real estate, education, development of industrial zones, agriculture, and assisting foreign firms in their investment process in Morocco.

Mozon has already invested in five different Moroccan cities which enabled it to acquire specific knowledge of each region, its strengths and potential.

Increasingly, Mozon accompanies foreign investors in their projects development in Morocco by providing accounting, tax, and legal advisory, and offering them help in clients and land prospection, and facilitating contacts with Moroccan authorities.

With an experienced team and strong connections, Mozon Investment Holding offers the opportunity to invest in the economy of a country with great potential and high returns in several sectors like real estate, education, healthcare, agriculture, industrial areas and other promising economic sectors.

Benefiting from the financial strength and experience of our shareholders in the investment field, and from our human resources and good corporate governance, our investment decisions meet a single objective: create value for our shareholders and investors.




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